*Gramayan Saga*

*Gramayan  Saga*    In 2012 some likeminded enthusiastic youths came together and established Gramayan with a view to bridge rural and urban cultures, to facilitate sharing of thoughts, knowledge, skills and technology etc. for mutual benefit and to raise a developed society through this. Gramayan doesn’t intend to undertake any project but wishes to visit the social service and enterprise organizations in the villages to know their requirements, problems, thereby connecting them with the people with expertise in the same fields for guidance and better results and also helping them on several other fronts. Gramayan also connects the people who wish to contribute to the social cause, with these projects. This is not mere an NGO but is a movement of social transformation by bridging the denizens with the social service groups.
 *Project Visit Tours*Gramayan organizes one or two- day tours to visit projects in the rural areas every year. It provides the visitors an opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of the projects and interested may connect with the projects thereafter. It also enriches Gramayan with likeminded people desirous of working selflessly.
*Exhibitions*Gramayan arranges exhibition to establish a market for rural entrepreneurs in the city. With minimum charges the stalls are made available with stay and food facility.  Several entrepreneurs grasp this opportunity to showcase products and services like organic products, handicraft articles products of cottage industry,  etc. Gramayan has organized three exhibitions so far which created an extensive market for farmers, rural entrepreneurs, cottage industry workers and artists introducing their products, skills and services through more than twenty five thousand visitors. Hon’ble Prime Minister has called for self-reliant Bharat, but Gramayan thought and worked upon this idea prior to the call is worth mentioning, as if it envisaged the Prime minister’vision.
*Other activities of Gramayan** Last year Gramayan Pratishthan distributed 1000 notebooks in a Paradhi orphans’ hostel in a Paradhi area.* Suitcases were distributed in the mass marriage ceremony of differently abled couples.* Gadchiroli district was flood affected and the roads were closed, to overcome the situation a help of thirty thousand was sent.* Workshops for making of Gomay articles like mementos, clocks, mirrors, pen stands etc.* Gramayan Pratishthan organized a felicitation programme of Shankarbaba Papalka who runs Ashram near Paratwada for orphans and handicap helpless children. In this programme five institutes working for differently abled and orphans were felicitated with a sum of eleven thousand rupees each. Gramayan collected one lakh signatures for Shankarbaba Papalkar favouring the formulation of a law for the stay of orphans and handicaps in the orphanage even after completion of eighteen years of their age (as they don’t attain self- reliance capacity) and were handed over to hon’ble M P Vikas Mahatme for the further needful procedure from the government.
*Gramayan’s plans for challenges of changing world*The world has been undergoing an unprecedented situation due to covid 19 pandemic since last six months. The life has come to a standstill due to lockdown. But there is always a chance to turn disaster into an opportunity. People are compulsorily staying at home and thus have some free time. Internet and related media have shown us to employ this free time fruitfully. Gramayan fully has come up with positive plans and utilizes this time and internet facility along with social media and started Gramayan Dnyangatha, Gramayan Sewagatha, Graaamayan Chintangatha and Gramayan Udyamgatha the four journeys to educate people.
Knowledge and skill dispensation*Dnyangatha* Gramayan conducts live workshops on facebook page under the caption Dnyangatha. Over ten thousand people from all fields in Maharashtra have been benefitted by seventeen workshops till date. The workshop also holds question answer session prior and during the live workshop. Viewers can watch these workshops later in convenience on Gramayan facebook and youtube with the provided links. Government officers, social workers and experts are invited to conduct the workshops on entrepreneurship, farming, environment, courtyard farming, cultivation of medicinal plants etc. One can earn knowledge from meeting experts live and even get their doubts cleared. The beneficiaries of such workshops contacted through e-mail or phone expressing their willingness to work with Gramayan. The workshops are compered by diferent volunteers of Gramayan which encourages them to use electronic social media with ease.Gramayan online workshops started from 14 June which included the various topics Cultivation of medicinal plants (Rajendra Kale), Commercial cultivation and marketing of fragrant herbs (Dr. Mahendra Darokar), Conversion of wet garbage into fertilizer (Meena Joshi), Methods of water conversation (Milind Joshi), Enriching ecosystem (Maroti Chitampalli), My Garbage My Responsibility (Jui Pandharipande), a Solution to Plastic Pollution (Dr. Balmukund Paliwal), Making of gomay Ganesh idols (Madhav Bokade), Atmnirbhar Bharat, CEMGP schemes for women entrepreneurship (Dr. C. P. Kapse KVIC, Nagpur), Scientific methods of honey collection and processing (Dr. Gopal Paliwal), Cotton to cloth (Kishor Nivedita Nilayam), silk research and development (Dr. Adhikrao Jadhav), Effective mass communication (Prakash Edalabadkar), new bills of Agricultural Marketing Commission and suggestions (Dr. Sharad Amrut Nimbalkar)
*Ranbhaji cooking competition*Gramayan conducted an online cooking competition to popularize various unknown ranbhajis as they are healthy and are to be included in regular diet. It got an overwhelming response. This was organized under the guidance of Mekhala Oudarya and was adjudged by Jayashree Pendharakar, Geeta Ambatkar and Sharada Vaidya. Entry to the competition was free.
Social service organizations *Sewagatha*Gramayan uploads videos of social service organizations alternate Saturdays. Interviews with the institute owners bring forth their work, their present and future projects, their requirements and problems, their role in accepting the social responsibility and so on. This introduction of NGOS connects the people seeking to volunteer their services with such organizations. It also inspires the people to venture into social service. Interviews of Vishakha Rao, Sachin and Bhagyashri Deshpande, Dr. Satish Gogulwar and Shubhada Deshmukh by Narendra Giridhar are broadcast till date. May more such interviews are awaited and will be broadcast shortly.
Saga of Entrepreneurship *Udayamgatha*Individual’s self-reliance leads to self-reliance of the entire society. It is better to accept the challenges of entrepreneurship than mere job seeking. Today India calls for becoming an employment generator than coming forth as job hunters. Gramayan conducts interviews of the first generation entrepreneurs to develop this attitude and encourage youths to take decisive steps in the direction of self-reliance. Dr. Mukund Moholkar, Arun Waze, Hemant Ambaselkar, Dr Deepak Birewar and Aradhana Tathe have so far spoken their minds, aspirations, pleasures and pains in the path of industrialism in this programme. Many more spark stimulating interviews are awaited and will be broadcast soon.
Prudent discussions *Chintangatha*This programme broadcasts deliberations with experts and experienced personalities closely associated with social transformation which gives the insight of the topic and provides guidance. On the occasion of birth anniversary of Pt. Dindayal Upadhyay, Rajnishkumar Shukla, Prof. Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Dr. Vibha Gupta, Prof. Manojkumar and Sunil Deshpande shared their knowledge and thoughts in a candid discussion through a webinar.All these programmes are available on youtube and facebook page of Gramayan.
Those desirous of participating in Gramayan activities may contact on the following phone numbers.
Anuradha Sambre 9822345715Surekha Saraf 9822642118Manjusha Ragit 9970343575
https:/www.youtube.com/c/GramayanSevagathahttps:/www.facebook.com/gramayanpratishthan  Dr. Chaya Naik naik.chhaya@gmail.com 9890002282